Release Date: 2009/04

Nendoroid PLUS: Lucky Star Cosplay Charm Series 1

3cm mascots based on their respective regions!

animate stores across Japan have been selling the Nendoroid Petite figures from Lucky Star for some time, but now an even smaller set of mascots is here to collect! A separate set of the three heroines of Lucky Star will each be sold in the following regions: Hokkaido, the Kantou region, Akihabara, The Hokuriki/Shinetsu/Toukai region, the Kinki region and the Chuugoku/Shigoku/Kyuushuu region.

Each of the different regions have their own specific three charms - one for each of the main characters, but each time wearing cosplay outfits that represent something that relates to the area they are being sold in. Each charm is a creative rendition of your favorite characters, and if you collect them from every region there are a total of 18 mascots to collect!

The mascots will be sold as both a netsuke and a miniature charm, so you can get whichever suits you better.

Product Details

Product Name
Nendoroid PLUS: Lucky Star Cosplay Charm Series 1 (らきすた こすぷれねづけ&ちゃーむだいいちだん ねんどろいどぷらす)
Lucky Star
Nendoroid Plus
Release Date
399JPY each (tax included)
Complete painted PVC figures - not to scale - approximately 30mm in height
Sold At
animate stores all over Japan - animate mail order
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