Small-logo Release Date: 2009/08

Nendoroid PLUS: Lucky Star Cosplay Charm Series 2

Military cosplay from the Sengoku era!

The miniature charm sets that are even smaller than the normal Nendoroid Petite figures are back in animate and Gamers stores again! A separate set of each of the three heroines of Lucky Star will each be sold in various areas around Japan - each cosplaying famous commanders from that area.

Wearing the characteristic armor or clothing of various different commanders, the Lucky Star girls make a total of 18 mascots, and each of these mascots are sold as both a netsuke and a miniature charm.

Additionally, an extra charm of Miyuki Takara is included in the full set available through mail order.

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Product Details

Product Name
Nendoroid PLUS: Lucky Star Cosplay Charm Series 2 (らきすた こすぷれねづけ&ちゃーむだい2だん ねんどろいどぷらす)
Lucky Star
Nendoroid Plus
Release Date
399yen each (tax included)
Complete painted PVC figures - not to scale - approximately 30mm in height
Sold At
animate stores and Gamers stores all over Japan - animate and Gamers mail order
© 美水かがみ/らっきー☆ぱらだいす