Release Date: 2009/12

Yoko: Real Image ver.

The sniper of Team Gurren. A more realistic take on Yoko!

The beautiful sniper Yoko from the ever popular TV series and movie, 'Gurren Lagaan' is back again as a figure from Max Factory.

As a slightly different image to the original work, Yoko has been sculpted in a more realistic manner, creating a new exquisite presence. From the details on her tight hot-pants and knee-socks to the smallest of details on her fingertips and facial expression - Yoko has been brought to life as a zealous 1/6 scale PVC figure. A visor is also included and can be attached to create a more stylish image.

There are many Yoko figures around, but this is one with a very distinct charm that collectors are bound to fall in love with.

Product Details

Product Name
Yoko: Real Image ver. (よーこ りあるいめーじばーじょん)
Gurren Lagann
Max Factory
Other Scale
Release Date
Complete painted PVC figure - 1/6 scale - stand included - approximately 200mm in height
Shunshi Hagii
Sold by
Max Factory
Good Smile Company
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