Release Date: 2006/01

Guyver Gigantic

Guyver I's Giant Bioboosted Armor "Guyver Gigantic" is finally here!

Sho Fukumachi, the user of the Guyver I armor, made a silent prayer: "I want power to protect my friends from this enemy...!", and thus he received new power - the Guyver Gigantic.
Just like the Gigantic Dark, there are parts to recreate the Giga Smasher, the High Frequency Swords, and the Gravity Ram - you can recreate virtually all the techniques in the story with the included parts. All the parts to recreate scenes are included. You can also recreate the flying form of the Guyver Gigantic. It's truly a masterpiece of poseable action figures

Product Details

Product Name
Guyver Gigantic (がいばーぎがんてっく)
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor
Max Factory
Action Figure
Release Date
Part of the Bio Fighter Collection MAX series - Complete painted PVC action figure - not to scale
Max Factory Motion Study Department
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