Release Date: 2006/10

35MAX AT-COLLECTION SERIES Limited Edition EX-01 Brutishdog

The first, limited edition figure in the 35MAX EX Series!!

Announcing the Brustish Dog from the VOTOMS 35MAX series, brought to you by Max Factory!
Fans of VOTOMS will already know, but this is the Secret Society's remodeled Scopedog - a mid-class AT designed for perfect soldiers. The MC Pack system went through a large tune-up in order to increase the mobility of the machine to be above all other machines in the Scopedog series. The entire body is coordinated in red, and the right arm is equipped with heavy weapons, including the 7 barrel Gatling gun and an iron claw. In the anime, the main character Chirico has a struggle to the death in this AT, so it should have a deep meaning to fans of the series. Only 3000 copies of this figure are going to be made, so don't let your chance to get this premium item fall away!

Product Details

Product Name
35MAX AT-COLLECTION SERIES Limited Edition EX-01 Brutishdog (ぶるーてぃっしゅどっく)
Armored Trooper Votoms
Max Factory
Release Date
1/35 scale - replaceable hand parts included
Max Factory Motion Study Department (Takeshi Hamasaki - Takashi Morimoto)
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