( Release Date: 2006/10 )

"The Noblest Sword" has arrived as an overwhelming figure!

From Nitroplus's popular PC game "Jingai Makyou" comes a figure of the main heroine Ignis! Reviving the illustration from illustrator NiΘ (of Demonbane fame), took the sculptor over 4 months to perfect! Her hair and clothes have been elegantly sculpted, and her hips, neck and hair are all incredibly detailed. Her clothes have the original butterfly pattern on them, as well as the see-through back material. Also includes glasses that can be worn, and a mirror base. It's a masterpiece with so many highlights that it's enough to make you wonder if it's real.

Product Details

Product Name: Ignis
Series: Jingai Makyou
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Category: 1/7th Scale
Price ¥6,476 (Before Tax)
Release Date:2006/10
Specifications: Complete painted PVC figure - 1/7 scale
Sculptor: Masato Kitade (Max Factory)
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