Small-logo Release Date: 2011/12

Big Fau

The white megadeus joins the fight!

From the mecha anime 'The Big O' comes a soft vinyl figure of the third megadeus, the Big Fau, equipped with a variety of weapons and boasting very powerful defensive capabilities. It features a number of special features to faithfully recreate the look of the Big Fau as closely as possibly - including clear parts used for the cockpit hatch as well as the screws on either arm.

The vinyl figure is also the same scale as the MAX Alloy Big O model, measuring an incredible 320mm in height. Recreate the legendary battle between the Big O and the Big Fau!

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Product Details

Product Name
Big Fau (びっぐふぁう)
The Big O
Max Factory
Soft vinyl
¥12,190 (Before Tax)
Release Date
Painted solt vinyl non-scale product, approximately 320mm in height
Max Factory
Released by
Mac Factory
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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