Release Date: 2006/12

Blanc Neige

The 2nd figure from the "Shining Project"! The Ice Witch!

Part of the combined project from Sega, Max Factory and Hobby Japan, the "Shining Project".
Based on the popular game "Shining Tears" comes the second in the project "Blanc Neige", the cool and charming character - and also the most popular of them all! Just like the previously introduced Elwyn, she was also drawn my popular illustrator Tony. His illustration was taken by Hiiru Saitou and faithfully sculpted into a figure. She's holding up her breasts, and her hair is made from clear plastic with a pearl coating, giving it a transparent and high class feeling. Lots of attention was paid to the low-cut pants line. It's a figure loaded with promise, of a cool girl in a bold swimsuit. We hope you like it.

Product Details

Product Name
Blanc Neige (ぶらんねーじゅ)
Shining Tears
Max Factory
1/7th Scale
Release Date
Complete - painted PVC figure - 1/7 scale
Hiiru Saitou

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