Release Date: 2016/10

Nendoroid Plus Trading Rubber Straps: Touhou Project Set #1

Rubber trading straps from the Touhou universe!

The popular characters from the 'Touhou Project' world are coming your way as Nendoroid Plus Trading Rubber Straps!

All the illustrations are based on the designs of Nendoroids, carefully converted into rubber straps for you to carry around wherever you wish! All the most popular characters from the Touhou world will be available - a total of ten different characters, which includes two secret straps!

* This product was sold at Comic Market 80 in Summer 2011 at the Gift booth.
* Please note that one box of straps may not include all ten variations.

Product Details

Product Name
Nendoroid Plus Trading Rubber Straps: Touhou Project Set #1 (ねんどろいどぷらす とれーでぃんぐらばーすとらっぷ とうほうぷろじぇくと だいいっしょう)
Touhou Project
Nendoroid Plus
¥550 Each  
Release Date
Rubber key holders each approximately 55mm in size (differs between characters). A total of 10 to collect (8 normal and 2 secret)
Released by
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
Reimu Hakurei/Marisa Kirisame/Sakuya Izayoi/Remilia Scarlet/Flandre Scarlet/Sanae Kotiya/Yuyuko Saigyouji/Youmu Konpaku/2 Secret
Release Info
Originally released in November 2011 with rereleases in July 2014 and October 2016
Original Price
¥417 (Before Tax) Each
Second Rerelease Price
¥500 (Before Tax) Each
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