Release Date: 2014/08

Metal Gear REX

The bipedal tank with nuclear armaments - the Metal Gear REX.

From the popular stealth action game, 'Metal Gear Solid' comes a model of the bipedal tank known as 'Metal Gear REX', brought to you by threeA.

The model measures an incredible 360mm in height even when in standby mode. All of the powerful weapons on the REX have also been faithfully reproduced, including the multiple rotary cannons, an anti-tank missile launcher, a free-electron laser and the nuclear powered railgun. But there is much more to this model - the lights and railgun are fitted with a lighting system, the cockpit can be opened and closed, certain armored parts can be removed and there are various other highlights that any Metal Gear fan is bound to appreciate.

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for Metal Gear Solid and designer of the Metal Gear REX was directing the production of the figure, and together with the detailed and careful work of threeA, they have created the ultimate model of the REX!

The Metal Gear Series

KONAMI's popular stealth action game series, the 'Metal Gear' series has now sold a total of over 31 million copies worldwide. The game series was the first that took the standard action genre and transformed it by adding stealth elements - which make it more important to stay hidden than to fight.

The game system creates a thrilling atmosphere that is only enhanced by the direction of Hideo Kojima, who creates a unique atmosphere that has become popular all over the globe. With the series having reached its 25th anniversary, the whole world is now looking on to see which direction the series will move in next.

Product Details

Product Name
Metal Gear REX (めたるぎあ れっくす)
Metal Gear Solid
Action Figure
Release Date
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
Sculpting / Released by
Painted 1/48th Scale ABS/PVC/POM posable figure
Approximately 360mm in height (Standby Mode) / 360mm in width / 500mm in length / Railgun approximately 590mm.
¥41714 (Before Tax)
Release Info
Originally released in December 2012 with a rerelease in September 2014
  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
  • Due to the nature of the paint used on this figure, the paint may not be completely dry when the product packaging is opened. If the paint is not dry, please place the figure in a well ventilated area for 2-3 days and avoid touching it until dry.
  • Playing with the figure before the paint is dry may lead to colors bleeding or fingerprints remaining on the figure.
© Konami Digital Entertainment.
This product is manufactured by ThreeA under license from Konami Digital Entertainment.

Note that the poster and 1/48th scale Snake are not included with this model. The packaging will also differ from the version sold at the threeA Bambaland Store.
Also note that 3 AAA batteries are required for the lighting effects of the railgun and cockpit. (A total of six will be required for both, and are sold separately)