Release Date: 2016/10

PLAMAX MF-05: minimum factory Yoshika Miyafuji

"I'll do whatever I can to protect everyone!"

The popular characters from 'Strike Witches' are joining the minimum factory series! The first to join the collection of 1/20th scale plastic model kits is the main character with exceptional potential - Yoshika Miyafuji!

The model kit has parts separated into different colors, meaning that just putting the model together looks great even without the need for paint. Decals for her eyes as well as various markings and lines are also included. Her Strike Unit is the popular 'Shinden' unit, and she is equipped with a modified Type 99-2 Model Two 13mm machine gun in her right hand. A special stand to display her flying is also included. Be sure to add the cute and energetic Strike Witch to your collection!

Max Factory's Plastic Models are now 'PLAMAX'!
Max Factory's plastic model series began with the Fang of the Sun Dougram series, and are now set to continue with the creation of the new 'PLAMAX' series! The series will not only include anime mecha, but also scale and other figures in the future! Look forward to the upcoming developments of PLAMAX!

Product Details

Product Name
PLAMAX MF-05: minimum factory Yoshika Miyafuji
Strike Witches the Movie
Max Factory
Release Date
ABS&PS 1/20th scale assemblable plastic model kit. Base included. Eye decals included. Approximately 90mm in height.
Released by
Max Factory
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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©第501統合戦闘航空団 活動写真

A Time Lapse Build of PLAMAX MF-05: minimum factory Yoshika Miyafuji!

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Included Bonus

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