Release Date: 2023/07

MODEROID Bulldog Set

GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP Limited! A 1/60 scale 2 model set of the Multi-Purpose Labor.

From the anime series "Mobile Police Patlabor" comes a rerelease of the 1/60 scale 2 model plastic model kit set featuring the Multi-Purpose Labor "Bulldog"! The robots have been carefully recreated based on their appearance from the series.

The model is made from PS plastic, and the runners are colored to match the different colors of the outer equipment, joints and clear portions of the robot. Stickers to create the markings of the robot are included too, so all it takes is a simple assembly to recreate the robots from the series.

*The Bulldog model kit included with this set is the same as what is included with the MODEROID AV-98 Ingram & Bulldog Set.

Also available: MODEROID AV-98 Ingram & Bulldog Set, MODEROID AV-98 Ingram

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Product Details

Product Name
MODEROID Bulldog Set
Mobile Police Patlabor
Good Smile Company
Plastic Models , MODEROID
Release Date
PS&ABS assemblable plastic model kit. 1/60 scale. Height: Approx. 100mm
Release Info
Originally released in January 2021 with a rerelease in July 2023.
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