Release Date: 2008/11

figma To Lucky: Homegame ver.

Poses perfectly, looks great. It's Koshien Stadium's super hero, figma TO LUCKY!!

Announcing a figma of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team mascot that fans have loved for ages, TO LUCKY!

- Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out many scenes.
- A flexible plastic was used between the legs, making sure that proportions were kept, while still allowing many action poses.
- The unique proportions of the costume have been faithfully reproduced.
- Multiple hand parts are included to hold the many accessories that he comes with. The baseball glove he should never be seen without is also included.
- Other items that would be used on the sports ground, such as a drag, a ball and a bat are all included. You can have fun creating the scenes from the baseball stadium as they were meant to be.
- Comes with a poseable figma stand, so even the acrobatics he's so good at are possible!

Product Details

Product Name
figma To Lucky: Homegame ver. (ふぃぐま とらっきー ほーむver.)
Hanshin Tigers Mascot - TO LUCKY
Max Factory
Release Date
Complete painted ABS&PVC poseable figure - not to scale - approximately 140mm in height
Masaki Asai - Max Factory
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