Release Date: 2010/08

MSS-21 GSR: Resin Cleaner

A super-strong mold residue cleaner!

This is an aerosol based quick-drying residue cleaning cream. It is designed to clean away the residue formed by the mold lubricant when creating a resin kit. It comes with an attachable pipe nozzle which allows you to get into the harder to clean areas with less effort than ever before. It's great for cleaning both polypropylene and polyethylene-resin products, as well as paint removal on resin and metal models.

Please shake the aerosol can well before use. Spray directly onto the surface of the model that requires cleaning, then using a rag and/or brush, quickly clean the areas on the model. Hold the aerosol can upright when spraying.

Product Details

Product Name
MSS-21 GSR: Resin Cleaner (MSS-21 GSRれじんくりんまぐなむ)
GSR Modeler Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series
Release Date
420ml Mold Residue Cream Cleaner
Released by
Good Smile Racing
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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