Release Date: 2010/09

MSS-34 GSR: Mad Wax

Newly colored silk-screen decals and polishing wax specially designed for models!

The ultimate tool for leaving your models sparkling clean! Wax specially designed for models! It can be used on plastic models and mini-cars and will leave them all shining as bright as new. It's quick and easy to use, and there are no components in it that will make any colors fade or change after usage, leaving you with no worries and a clean collection!

  • High quality wax designed to be used on models. Bring that shine back into your favorite models!
  • Can be used on virtually any model, and will not cause any discoloring.

Product Details

Product Name
MSS-34 GSR: Mad Wax (MSS-34 GSRまっどわっくす)
GSR Modeler Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series
Release Date
30ml bottle of wax for models.
Released by
Good Smile Racing
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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