Release Date: 2010/11

MSS-36 GSR Color Decals (Hologram 1)

A new revolution for decals! Holographic decals that can even be placed on curved surfaces!

A brand new set of holographic decals to allow for even more customization on your favorite models!

This Hologram 1 version features a gridded pattern, and allows you to create various textures and effects, similar to those seen on decorated trucks and cars. By using the GSR Decal Fitter or GSR Decal Fitter Pro you can even apply the decals to curved or bumpy surfaces smoothly. The decals are silk-screen printed and thus very high quality, and they can be coated with clear paints with no negative effects. A solid area of color, along with 9 different sized stripes of color are all included on each sheet.

  • High-quality, silk screen printing. Clear paint can be sprayed over the decals with no problems.
  • Can be used on a variety of different models with nine differently sized stripes included on each sheet.
  • Designed for use with 'GSR Decal Fitter' and 'GSC Decal Fitter Pro'

Product Details

Product Name
MSS-36 GSR Color Decals (Hologram 1) (MSS-36 GSRからーでかーる(ほろぐらむ1))
GSR Modeler Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series , Decals/Stickers
Release Date
Holographic decals on a 200mm x 140mm size sheet.
Released by
Good Smile Racing
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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