Release Date: 2008/05

Shuraki Trinity Box 04: Needa

Always accomplishes orders! The cool headed sniper, charges forward!

Shuraki, the collaboration between Red Entertainment and Good Smile, has its fourth entry in Needa Schuetlitch. The Trinity Box includes a figure, drama CD and art booklet, ensuring total immersion in the Shuraki world.

Based on a specially commissioned concept illustration by renowned artist Shunya Yamashita

Needa's figure is sculpted and colored in detail to evoke the cool, intelligent sensibility that surrounds her character. With her enormous gun and bayonet in hand and dressed in a military uniform with muted coloration, Needa looks quite different from the previous Shuraki figures. As usual though, her clothes can be exchanged for a damaged version to give her a more... colorful appearance.

Original Drama CD:

As the story of the Crimson Silk Princesses reaches its climax, the Shuraki series has its most exciting entry to date! Entitled Zero and the Guardians of the Akasic Records, the fourth entry in the Shuraki drama CD series assembles an all-star cast of voice actors to focus on Needa Schuetlitch, the strongest and most renowned of them all. As before, the high quality background music is performed by Elements Garden, with Saeko Chiba, Needa's voice actress, singing her main theme, entitled Anfang.

Concept and Design Art Booklet:

Featuring a character biography and introduction, dictionary of terms, comments from the drama CD's cast and of course a massive amount of concept art by Yamashita Shunya, the character's principal designer, this booklet is simply jam-packed with materials to immerse the reader even further in the Shuraki world.

Product Details

Product Name
Shuraki Trinity Box 04: Needa (にーだ しゅらき)
Good Smile Company
1/8th Scale
Release Date
Complete painted PVC figure - 1/8 scale - approximately 210mm in height - Original Drama CD and A5 size 24-page booklet included
Shunya Yamashita
Voice Talent
Chiba Saeko
Shunshi Hagii