Release Date: 2007/09

Shuraki Trinity Box 01 - Mishiro Akatsuki

The twin-bladed beauty is back again!

First in the Shuraki Trinity Box series, this collection of three collector's items has returned for another run! With a figure, drama CD and art booklet, this original character and her accompanying articles are certain to make a fan of you!

Battle-damaged figure:

One of Mishiro's unique features is the ability to replace her normal clothes with a damaged version, exposing her chest and legs and giving the appearance of a hard-fought battle's aftermath. With clear-cast weapons and the attention to detail characteristic of Good Smile products, this figure based on an original concept illustration is a thing of beauty certain to draw you into the world of Shuraki.

Original Drama CD:

With an all-star cast of well-known voice actors at its core, this CD tells an intricate story one quarter the length of a television anime's season in the form of an audio play. Also included is the soundtrack by Elements Garden, a group whose work has garnered much attention, as well as End of Destiny, an original song created for Mishiro's character and sung by Ami Koshimizu, her voice actress.

Concept and design art booklet:

Featuring a character biography and introduction, dictionary of terms, comments from the drama CD's cast and of course a massive amount of concept art by Igarashi Aki (RED), the character's creator, this booklet is simply jam-packed with materials to immerse the reader in Shuraki's world even further.

Product Details

Product Name
Shuraki Trinity Box 01 - Mishiro Akatsuki (みしろ あかつき しゅらき)
Good Smile Company
1/8th Scale
Release Date
Complete painted PVC figure - 1/8 scale - approximately 230mm in height (170mm without stand) - Drama CD and A5 size 24 page booklet included
Igarashi Aki
Voice Talent
Ami Koshimizu
zenko (iosen)