Release Date: 2008/01

Shuraki Trinity Box-03: Char

Golden hair and armor shining, this lady of the battlefield is ready for action!

Shuraki, the ambitious project by Red Entertainment and Good Smile, has its third entry in Char Rhousemann. Featuring a figure, drama CD and booklet, the Trinity Box set offers the ultimate Shuraki experience.

Battle-damaged figure:

Based on a specially commissioned concept illustration, Char Rhousemann's figure is sculpted and colored in exquisite detail. She is the daughter of a noble family, and as such exudes a refined air and a sense of pride obvious to any onlooker. Recalling the uniforms of French noblemen, her dazzling dress complements her flowing hair, and can of course be exchanged for a battle-damaged version to expose more of her perfect skin.

Original Drama CD:

The plot thickens in the newest Shuraki Drama CD. The past of Char Rhousemann, one of the Crimson Silk Princesses, is examined more closely is examined more closely in this third installment of the series, entitled Wildefrau's Paradise. Set once again to the high-quality musical stylings of Elements Garden, the complements the program perfectly, as does the character's song, entitled Blue Eyes, performed by Yukari Tamura.

Concept and design art booklet:

Featuring a character biography and introduction, dictionary of terms, comments from the drama CD's cast and of course a massive amount of concept art by Itou Ben, the character's creator, this booklet is simply jam-packed with materials to immerse the reader in Shuraki's world even further.

Product Details

Product Name
Shuraki Trinity Box-03: Char (しゃる しゅらき)
Good Smile Company
1/8th Scale
Release Date
Complete painted PVC ffigure - 1/8 scale - approximately 220mm in height - Drama CD and A5 size 24 page booklet included
Voice Talent
Yukari Tamura
Itou Ben