Release Date: 2023/08

MODEROID Six God Combination Godmars

The Six God Combination mecha, Godmars as a plastic model!

The second addition to Good Smile Company's MODEROID series, Godmars from the classic combination mecha anime "Six God Combination Godmars", is coming back for a rerelease! The model stands 190mm in height when all the parts are combined.

The kit contains interchangeable parts which allow you to build each of the robots before they combine into Godmars (Gaia cannot be placed inside the finished model). The runners are separated by nine different color and also feature some pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The model is made from PS and ABS plastic. Extra details can be added with additional paintwork. A model kit that is ideal for both figure and plastic model fans to enjoy!

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Product Details

Product Name
MODEROID Six God Combination Godmars
Six God Combination Godmars
Good Smile Company
Plastic Models , MODEROID
Release Date
ABS/PS assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Approximately 190mm in height when built.
Product Design: U-TOM / Concept Design: Garumasousen
Release Info
Originally released in August 2018 with a rerelease in July 2021 and August 2023.
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