Release Date: 2020/12

Harmonia bloom blooming doll (Sunrise)

A Harmonia bloom original blank doll body in a new color.

From Good Smile Company's Harmonia bloom doll brand comes a blank doll body in a new color. The "Sunrise" color features a light tone with faint pink undertones, reminiscent of the light at sunrise. The doll bodies are originally sculpted by Shokubutu Shojo-en's Iwanaga Sakurako and utilize Good Smile Company's unique joints and features.

A part for attaching eyes in the head is included. The head is closed magnetically and can easily be opened to place the eyes. The body has been sculpted with a focus on creating a beautiful silhouette while maintaining doll joints and features. The set comes with a book of original patterns created under supervision of Doll magazine "Dollybird".

Set Contents:

  • Doll
  • Interchangeable Foot Parts (Flat)
  • Special Stand
  • Special Eye Support Piece
  • Original Pattern Book

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Product Details

Product Name
Harmonia bloom blooming doll (Sunrise)
Harmonia bloom
Good Smile Company
Harmonia bloom
Release Date
ABS&PVC articulated doll. Approximately 230mm in height.
Figure: PVC, ABS, Magnets
Stand: ABS
Support Arm: Copper, Size: Approximately 230mm in height.
Iwanaga Sakurako (Shokubutu Shojo-en)
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