Release Date: 2009/08

di:stage: Basic Set

Expand more; play more - the new generation display base 'di:stage' is here, starting with a basic design.

In order to increase the enjoyment of the figma action figure series, this new generation display unit known as the 'di:stage' has been created. It will soon expand into a series with nearly infinite possibilities, but this is the basic foundation set.

  • The base unit is a 10cm square, and the perfect way to display two figmas together.
  • Multiple base units can be connected horizontally via flat joints, or vertically via wall joints, allowing the stage to expand however you want it to.
  • A grappling unit that can be used to hold virtually any action figure is included.
  • Effect clips can be used to hold speech bubbles and show emotions of the characters.
  • Using the 'binders' that can be attached to all sides of the base, you can create a background using paper vignettes, or cover the base with a cover skin. This allows you to recreate various situations to enjoy. Paper vignettes and cover skins will be available for download online, and are planned to be available in magazines.
  • You can combine this with future extention sets to create your very own scenarios.

** The examples of the built set in the included images includes multiple basic sets.
** The actual figma models, as well as speech bubbles are not included with this product.

Product Details

Product Name
di:stage: Basic Set (でぃすてーじ べーしっくせっと)
Max Factory
Release Date
ABS All-purpose display base - base unit size 100mm x 100mm
Set Contents
1x Base Unit- 1x Flat Joint- 1x Wall Joint- 4x Binders- 1x Moveable Arm (top replaceable with grapple unit or speech bubbles)- 5x Effect/Speech Bubbles- 1x Large Diameter Adaptor- 1x Small Diameter Adaptor- 4x Cover Skin Pins
Sold by
Max Factory
Good Smile Factory