Release Date: 2009/09

di:stage: Expansion Set 01: Layer Unit Black ver.

Expand more; play more - The first expansion set is for differences in height and mobility.

In order to increase the enjoyment of the figma action figure series, this new generation display unit known as the 'di:stage' has been created. Combining this expansion set with the basic set allows various new ways for the di:stage to expand!. This 'Layer Unit' expansion set allows for a multilateral display area to be created, and will be sold together with the basic set.

  • Using the pillar supports allows you to display figures at various heights.

  • A 'swing joint' can be used to create a multilateral display space by connecting two bases that share the same raised point.

  • Combine it with the Basic Set and create your very own diplay space!

  • ** The examples of the built sets in product images include multiple basic sets and Layer Unit Sets.
    ** The actual figma models, as well as speech bubbles are not included with this product.

    Product Details

    Product Name
    di:stage: Expansion Set 01: Layer Unit Black ver. (でぃすてーじ えくすてんしょんせっと01 れいやーゆにっと ぶらっくばーじょん)
    Max Factory
    Release Date
    ABS All-purpose display base - pillar parts length 200mm (long) 100mm (short)
    Set Contents
    4x Long Pillar Parts- 4x Short Pillar Parts- 4x Pillar Base Parts- 2x Pillar Base Parts (self-supporting)- 4x Swing Joint Sets- 12x Pillar Connection Parts (Large)- 8x Pillar Connection Parts (Small)
    Sold by
    Max Factory
    Good Smile Factory