Release Date: 2009/06

MSS-03 GSR: Edged Cotton Swabs

The optimum set of cotton swabs for applying decals, or paint to models.

A vital set of cotton swabs consisting of three different types, 'Wet', 'Large Dry' and 'Small Dry'. The wet type is soaked in chemicals that make it very difficult to dry out - perfect for removing wrinkles, or applying decals. The large and small dry types have tipped ends, which are perfect for placing intricate parts of decals down, or removing paints from tools after use. 10 wet swabs, 40 large dry swabs and 25 small dry swabs are included, for a total of 75 swabs.

  • Brand new wet cotton swabs included.
  • A lot of work went into the shape of the tips of the swabs, making them ideal for their proposed use.
  • A single set versatile in multiple ways.

What is the GSR Modeler Support Series?

Pick the right tools for the job!
High quality model construction requires high quality tools! The 'GSR Modeler Support Series' is a set of tools for model construction that has been created using both the ideas and experience of GSR's professional modelers. Defects and unreliable tools from the past have been corrected, creating easy-to-use, reliable tools of the highest quality. From beginners to experts, the GSR Modeler Support Series will cater to all!

Product Details

Product Name
MSS-03 GSR: Edged Cotton Swabs (MSS-03 GSRえっじめんぼう)
GSR Modeler Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series
Release Date
75 Cotton Swabs
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Good Smile Racing
Good Smile Company
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