Release Date: 2009/06

MSS-04 GSR: Chrome Master

Thin, realistic metallic foil for adding that extra detail to your models.

This metallic foil is perfect for increasing the detail level on scale models, and includes the glue to apply it to models. By making use of real metal, a realistic chrome feel has been recreated. Thinner than other similar products from the past, as well as easier to stretch out - making it great for curved surfaces. The sheets are extra large allowing easily application to large areas such as car roofs. Each sheet is 150mm x 200mm.

  • A realistic feeling that can only be produced from using real metals.
  • Easy to use, and a mere 10 microns in thickness. (including glue)
  • Can easily be applied to curved surfaces.

What is the GSR Modeler Support Series?

Pick the right tools for the job!
High quality model construction requires high quality tools! The 'GSR Modeler Support Series' is a set of tools for model construction that has been created using both the ideas and experience of GSR's professional modelers. Defects and unreliable tools from the past have been corrected, creating easy-to-use, reliable tools of the highest quality. From beginners to experts, the GSR Modeler Support Series will cater to all!

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Product Name
MSS-04 GSR: Chrome Master (MSS-04 くろーむますたー)
GSR Modeler Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series
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Good Smile Racing
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